Miss P and I explored the Communty Garden behind Harmony Yoga. The wood chip trails were messy and snow drops were dangling daintily in the sun. Peyton rembered the ginormous sunflower from late last summer. I explained the best I could about the season being spring and the seeds were getting ready in the dirt. She accepted it however awkwardly I tried to make it simple for a 2 year old to understand. She was happy to just jump, run, explore on the heady sunshine of late February. The steel man sculpture stood sentinel for the upcoming shoots of spring. We were there to go to Kids yoga. I wasn’t sure if she’d go into the studio with kids today. She was inclined to hang out with me, G’Mo, to build bolster forts. I was all for it. Exploring the  world together makes my day every time.  



What is a title for?


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My momentous first post. Been thinking of blazing this trail for ages. Love reading posts blogs and wonder who’d read mine , but maybe the world is waiting? WORLD ARE U WAITING?

It’s 9:21 pm I’m in bed as usual. Feeling pleasantly sleepy after hot yoga tonight! That was intense and cleansing. I don’t usually go because I spend Friday nights with Miss PP my grand daughter priceless precious and so Peyton.

She brings my heart so much joy, I love to see the world through a 2 year olds eyes. Such open candour , no reservations, free expression of her every need. A clean slate.